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God's help is at hand for you, right now where you are. God's everlasting help is at hand. God's help is yours, right now. God is at work doing whatever needs to be done in your life while you relax and let go. God is at work in your life, in your body temple, in everything in your life, God is at hand.

God's wisdom is lighting up your mind this moment. God's power is strengthening your body, and God's peace is calming your soul. God is at hand doing everything needful and good and productive, right now. There is no obstruction; there is no delay. There is nothing to hinder God's presence and power.

God is your creator and re-creator, the sustainer of healing life and peace, ever lifting and supporting you. There is nothing in life that you cannot do, that you cannot face, that you cannot surmount, that you cannot overcome or obtain, for God is your help in every need.

God is at hand, now, in your life. You can let go and give thanks this moment, for God is the kingdom. God is at hand.

You have faith as a grain of mustard seed and remember that the grain of mustard seed is growing into a full-blossoming plant inside of you, bringing to you what you have prayed for.

In Jesus Christ's name, Amen

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