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This is a unique encyclopedia of prayer that is available online, free for everyone.

A project that will never be complete, but always growing to serve you more.
There is no copyright, other than you have a right to copy.
We offer specific, categorized prayers of every kind that can be
printed and used as the need calls for.

Nothing is impossible to God. God has given you free-will to accept or reject your good.
We pray that through these prayers you will have the faith to accept your good from God.
Positive prayer focuses your attention, changing your thinking,
and then your entire feeling about your situation.
Pray until you can equally combine your thinking and feeling, directing your focused thinking,
and deep strong feeling, that your prayer is already accomplished.

Jesus speaking in Mark 11:24, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer,
BELIEVE that you HAVE received it, and it will be yours."

Prayer doesn't change God, it changes us. We pray continuously to convince us.

You must become your prayer, don't pray for something you're not willing to become.
In order for the answer to come to you, it must come through you.
You must believe, and feel deeply, that you ALREADY HAVE your answer to your prayer.

Correct prayer takes away all self-imposed blocks.
Pray continuously focusing on the positive intended results that God WILL provide.
You will soon discover most answers to prayer are even better than you can conceive of.
God is a good God, and it is God's will to help you.

(All prayers are original to Positive Christianity, and
Rev. Christopher Ian Chenoweth, unless otherwise indicated.)

There is never a copyright on any of our material, other than to say -
You Have a Right to Copy. We do ask, that you, or your organization,
do not financially profit from these prayers,
and credit is given on re-print to
(Positive Christianity thanks Barbara Bergen, our publication editor, for her tireless,
ongoing work on this special prayer project to help people in their times of need.)
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